Hayden Cummings

Inspiration for starting tennis:

I didn’t like football, and tennis was the sport I enjoyed most so I stuck with it.

Favourite surface:

Hard court

Favourite player and why:

Carlos Alcaraz due to his fight that he has on court, his maturity for his young age and the hunger he has to fight for ever single point no matter what the circumstances.

Favourite moment in my career so far:

Favourite moment in your career so far: Hitting at Wimbledon with one of my coaches.
Year of birth:




Age started tennis:


Why I enjoy UT: I love UT, not just for the great information I receive on court and in the gym from the coaches, I love it as they have taught me a new way to go about every single moment for the rest of my life, to always live by the highest standards for yourself and no matter what to keep and keep persevering even when the going gets tough, they have taught me how to fully maximise the very best of myself and to find that little bit extra deep deep down, which I have never learnt from anywhere else.

Hayden Cummings

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