Lucius Gutteridge

Inspiration for starting tennis:

My dad inspired me to play tennis as he was a pro athlete and lived a great life in the sporting world with Daley Thompson and wanted me to live a great lifestyle in sports.

Favourite surface:

Grass court

Favourite player and why:

Rafa Nadal as he shows great work ethic , discipline, respect , determination, dedication, professionalism and that drives me to become a better player and person and to always live w good morals.

Favourite moment in my career so far:

My favourite moment in my career was being able to be apart of the orange bowl tournament in Miami where I learnt a lot , and came back to tournaments smarter and stronger then ever to get myself to top 30 in the country.
Year of birth:




Age started tennis:


I joined Unique Tennis a year ago and have developed so much since joining. They have helped me through an injury and helped me develop my skills and personality. The coaches are very supportive and will help with your particular requirements whether it be on court or off the court. The fitness program is very well structured with a personal program built around improving me to the best that I can be. Overall unique tennis academy is great place to grow as a player and a person.
Lucius Gutteridge

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