Unique Tennis Player Agreement


Acceptance into Unique Tennis (UT) programme is conditional on strict adherence to the following:

1. The player agrees to a specifically designed programme, which will include the following commitments.

(a) Attendance of their weekly tennis timetable.

(b) Attendance of their Strength & Conditioning timetable.

(c) A comprehensive competitive schedule.

(d) Commencing practice on time being fully warmed up.

2. Continuing participation in the programme is subject to regular reviews. In May each year, UT will conduct a formal review of each player’s performance and progress and hold a consultation with the parents to decide if it is right for the player to continue in the programme the following year.

3. Individual players may be removed at the discretion of UT for breaches of discipline, failure to comply with the Hazelwood Sports Club rules and regulations, failure to comply with any other rules or regulations applicable to any other premises where the programme is performed, failure to comply with any terms of this agreement or reasons related to attitude or behaviour. Removal from the programme will result in all benefits received under it being withdrawn.

4. Termination of player’s agreement due to disciplinary action, breaches in the code of conduct or player wishing to leave the programme, will require written notice. The notice periods are three calendar months from confirmation of termination.

5. Players that wish to leave the programme within the first month of signing the player agreement will not be subject to article 4. Written notice is required of a player’s desire to leave the programme.


6. UT recognises the importance of health and safety. All players are expected to behave responsibly and to observe all safety regulations and requirements of UT, Hazelwood Sports Club and any other party during the programme. Players are required to take all necessary precautions to reduce the possibility of risk of injury to themselves and to others.

7. It is extremely important to be informed about and follow the government guidelines in relation to COVID-19 pandemic. The players and parents must check regularly for changes in the regulations and guidance by Government and LTA and ensure the measures are adhered to both inside and outside of UT setting to minimize the risk of infection to themselves and others. Players and parents must notify UT if any of them are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and refrain from attending UT until they receive a negative test result or quarantine themselves for 14 days.

8. Players must not take any action that could threaten the health and safety of themselves, UT employees, players or customers, students or members of the public. Players should report any accident or injury to UT, regardless of its severity.

9. Players warrant to UT that they are fit and healthy enough to embark on a programme with UT. Players are expected to be responsible for their own welfare. Players should advise UT of any injury prior to the start of any coaching session. UT will not be responsible for, or accept liability for, any injury sustained during any coaching or other active session with UT under this programme.


10. Players are required to comply with all directions and requirements of the coaching programme and respect all players, coaches and representatives of UT.

11. Players are required to demonstrate at all times a positive and appropriate attitude as well as the highest standards of behaviour. The Player agrees to behave in a proper and civil manner and promote the best interests of UT and any UT sponsor and partner at every opportunity.

12. Players are expected to give maximum effort to their training sessions, players not doing so will be asked to sit out for a short period of time. This should not be seen as a punishment, it is an education process where the player has the opportunity to regroup and reapply themselves.

13. Punctuality is very important as late arrivals will miss crucial elements of the sessions without the ability to catch up. Every effort has to be made to arrive in time or ahead of time.

14. Players are expected to communicate promptly with their coaches with any changes in their circumstances and/or health and physical conditions. Players must update coaches as quickly as possible about the outcome of tournaments with a thorough analysis of their performance. Players are expected to maintain accurate records of all their matches as well as an up-to-date schedule of the upcoming tournaments.

15. The Player agrees to sign and abide by the Hazelwood Sports Club Terms and Conditions of membership and/or any other third party’s terms and conditions where the programme is performed, if required. The players should behave with respect and consideration to Hazelwood Sports Club members and staff when using the club cafe, lounge and changing rooms.

16. No use of illegal substances, performance-enhancing drugs, alcohol or tobacco will be tolerated. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the termination of the player’s coaching programme. The players are required to follow the nutritional and lifestyle guidance developed by the Strength & Conditioning coaches to maximise their development potential.

17. Bad language or racket or ball abuse will not be tolerated. A player will be given a warning and removed from the session. If the initial behaviour is deemed bad enough by the coaches, the player will be removed from the session without warning.

18. UT is an equal opportunities employer. UT does not accept discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, race, religious beliefs, sex, or sexual orientation, and any employee or player who does discriminate on any of these grounds may be dismissed or have their coaching programme terminated with immediate effect.

19. UT deplores all forms of personal harassment and bullying. No player should conduct themselves in such a manner that may amount to discrimination, personal harassment or bullying. Examples of unacceptable behaviour include insensitive jokes and pranks, lewd or abusive comments, inappropriate comments, unwanted contact, and abusive, threatening or insulting words or behaviour. Any incidents that do not meet the highest standards of behaviour expected by UT will be investigated and those found in breach of these requirements will be withdrawn from the programme.

20. Parents are asked to wait for the players outside the bubble or in the designated spectator area (where available) during the inside training sessions or outside the fence during the outdoor sessions to minimize distraction to players and coaches. Parents’ presence on the courts is acceptable with prior authorization by the coaching team.


21. Players and parents in breach of the code of conduct will be given a first verbal warning, a second breach will be a written warning and a third breach will terminate the players agreement with UT.


22. Players are required to use all forms of social media (including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Wikipedia) and social networking sites in a responsible manner. Players must avoid making any social media communication that could damage the interests or reputation of UT or any of its players, employees or partners. Players must not use social media to defame or disparage UT, or any member of staff of UT and other players, or any third party, or unlawfully discriminate against any third party or representative of UT.

23. Players are required to be respectful to others when making any statement on social media and should be aware at all times that he/she may be personally responsible for all communications which are published in any form for anyone to see. Players must not express their opinion on behalf of UT via any form of social media unless expressly authorised to do so by UT.

24. A player’s profile and any content posted on social media must at all times be consistent with UT’s professional image. Players may be requested to assist in the positive promotion of the activities of UT on social media. If a player sees social media content that disparages or reflects poorly on UT, then the player must contact and advise UT management of such incidents.


25. UT does not accept any liability for any loss of, or damage to, property or clothing that a player brings to any premises utilised during the programme. Players are advised to take their own appropriate insurance cover for their own property.

26. Players are required to maintain a clean and tidy appearance at all times during the programme. All dress must be compatible with any health and safety requirements, and must reflect accepted standards of conventional dressing.

27. Players may be given UT apparel. Players are requested to wear such apparel supplied by UT during any UT coaching or practice session at Hazelwood Sports Club or elsewhere, and during any tournament practice session or during any tournament where so permitted. Players who are unable to wear UT apparel due to existing contractual commitments are exempt from this requirement.


28. UT will collect and process information relating to each student or player in accordance with its Privacy Notice and in compliance with Data Protection legislation. Players agree to ensure that UT are kept fully informed and updated of any changes to his/her personal data, including for example any change of address or contact details. All players agree to act at all times in accordance with UT’s Privacy Notice and Data Protection legislation when processing personal data relating to any employee, worker or representative of UT or any other candidate, student, player, supplier or agent of UT.

29. UT may from time to time produce photo/video materials of training and coaching sessions as well as during tournaments that may feature individual players. This photo/video data will be stored securely and utilized for internal evaluation processes. Subject to parents giving UT their consent to use individual player’s images, UT may use such photo/video materials in its marketing and promotional content to be used on the UT website and social media channels and promote the player’s individual social media accounts.

The above Terms & Conditions may be updated in future. UT will communicate any such changes to the players and parents and will require the confirmation and consent form to be filled out again to confirm agreement

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