Ria Ferguson

Inspiration for starting tennis:

I first started playing tennis when I was 3 years old, at such a young age, my inspiration was just hitting or anything to do with a ball. As i’ve got older, my coaches and parents continually inspire me, as well as my love for the game and the pro’s who have been through this journey.

Favourite surface:

Hard court

Favourite player and why:

Nadal is my favourite player because of his mindset, strength of character and his responsibility of being able to show up every day with his same high standards.

Favourite moment in my career so far:

Since I was 11 years old I decided to change from a double handed backhand to a single handed backhand, this was a difficult battle, but my entire life I wanted a single handed backhand and now it is finally starting to pay off.
Year of birth:




Age started tennis:


I joined and have been a player at UT for 5 years. There are many reasons but I will list a few. Firstly, the academy provides a dedicated environment focused entirely on my passion for tennis. This enables me to improve my mental strength, become stronger in how I play and receive guidance from experienced coaches. Additionally, the bond among the players and coaches creates a supportive and motivating atmosphere where we push each other to excel. Lastly, the challenging training sessions at UT help me develop resilience, determination, and a strong work ethic, which I believe are qualities for both on the court and off the court.
Ria Ferguson

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