Unique Tennis Partnership with Original Penguin

In a thrilling new development for tennis enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike, Unique Tennis is excited to announce its partnership with the iconic brand, ORIGINAL PENGUIN EU. This collaboration promises to bring a fresh wave of authenticity and style to the tennis world, blending performance and aesthetics seamlessly.

Unique Tennis, renowned for its commitment to excellence on the court, is stepping up its game by teaming up with Original Penguin EU. This partnership is set to redefine what it means to play tennis with flair, ensuring that athletes not only strive for victory but do so with a unique touch of originality.

A Fusion of Style and Performance

Original Penguin EU, a brand with a storied history in the fashion industry, is known for its distinctive and timeless designs. By joining forces with Unique Tennis, they are venturing into the sports world, infusing their iconic style into tennis apparel and accessories. This partnership signifies a bold move towards creating a harmonious blend of performance-oriented gear and fashion-forward designs.

Serving Authenticity

The collaboration aims to serve up authenticity in every aspect. Tennis players, whether amateurs or professionals, will have access to a range of apparel that reflects their unique personalities and styles. From classic t-shirts to cutting-edge tennis hoodies, the collection is designed to provide maximum comfort and functionality while making a bold fashion statement.

Original Penguin EU’s designs are characterised by their retro-modern aesthetic, a perfect match for the dynamic and ever-evolving world of tennis. The brand’s signature logo, the penguin, symbolises a blend of tradition and innovation – values that resonate deeply with Unique Tennis’s philosophy.

Looking Ahead

This partnership marks a significant milestone for both Unique Tennis and Original Penguin EU. It’s a testament to their shared vision of merging style with substance, creating a unique space where sports and fashion converge. As they look ahead to 2024, both brands are poised to make a lasting impact on the tennis community and beyond.

The collaboration between Unique Tennis and Original Penguin EU is set to wing its way into the hearts of our tennis players. With a focus on authenticity, style, and performance, this partnership is sure to serve up an unforgettable year of tennis. So, get ready to hit the courts in style and make your mark with Original Penguin EU and Unique Tennis – where winning isn’t just about the game, but how you play it. 


UT Original Penguin Clothing

We are excited to announce that we will be offering exclusive clothing packs for our players, featuring Original Penguin apparel customised with our unique tennis academy logo. Each pack will include:

  • 2 hoodies (1 blue,1 black) with academy logo
  • 4 t-shirts (2 blue, 2 black) with academy logo
    Total Cost per Pack £140

These clothing packs will be available initially at cost price, offering exceptional value to our players. We encourage as many of you as possible to take advantage of this offer as this will really help the academy in their marketing efforts and also help the partnership get off to a great start promoting the brand. 

The clothing packs will be available to order straight away and take around 2 weeks to be embroidered and sent out. The sizes range from XS – XXL.

JUNE Players Results

There has been many great results from our players over the past couple of months, with some international success as well as national titles.

We look forward to the busy summer of tournaments where we wish all our players well and look forward to seeing as well as hearing about their results. 

We encourage all players to send any pictures to the relevant what’s app groups so they can be posted on our social media channels as well as included in our newsletter.

For this month we have created a collage with all the most recent pictures we have, with the hope of next month being able to post individual results with a brief description of each success.

Lastly please actively tag Unique Tennis in any posts you make related to tennis. Whether that be training, tournaments as it’s easy for us to then share.

This is the best and most effective way for us to show the wider tennis community what’s happening at Unique Tennis.



Jayson was one of the players on the full time programme at Unique Tennis and an aspiring professional player, unfortunately due to a severe injury he was no longer able to pursue this ambition. He played several junior tournaments around the world at ITF level. This has given him extensive experience of what it takes being on the road competing and what it takes to play internationally.

Through these tournaments and experiences, he has learnt the amount of hard work, dedication and mental toughness it takes to play this sport and he feels this is important for him to be able to connect with other players. He is an aspiring young coach looking to take his tennis knowledge to the top. Jayson will be working on the full time programme from September 2024 and using this time to help develop the players whilst shadowing the coaches and gaining knowledge on performance tennis. It’s exciting for us to have a former player who understands our ethos and the culture we create at Unique Tennis. He will also still keep up his duties supervising the classroom, making sure everyone is studying hard and keeping on top of their work.


Over the past month or so we have been accepting trials and applicants for the RPDC programme at Unique Tennis. The LTA produced their list for the next group of players on this performance pathway at the end of April.

Congratulations to those who were selected and the new players who will join our programme in September this year. We look forward to another exciting year ahead.


We have had a few players join the various different programmes at Unique Tennis over the past few weeks and months. Congratulations and an extended welcome to the following players:-

  • Vasilis Vrahimis
  • Kristupas Meskauskas
  • Sophia Rutorova
  • Daniel Rutorov
  • Noah De Baere
  • Darcy Fisk
  • Sasha Vinodhkhumar
  • Leaya Rai


A reminder that the academy will break up for 2 weeks from the week commencing 19th of August. The start of the new term will be on the 2nd of September.

Tue/Fri Evening Sessions

The final session for the Tue & Fri evening groups will be on the 19th July. From the week commencing 22nd July these will stop until they start up again in September. For any players wishing to attend over the summer holidays to access the full time academy programme then please get in touch with one of the coaching team.


Original Penguin EU SPONSORS UT

In a thrilling new development for tennis enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike, Unique Tennis is excited to announce its partnership with the iconic brand, Original Penguin EU.



It’s been a busy first month at Unique tennis with the addition of the RPDC programme starting. We welcome the new players starting their programmes with us this year.